Google Chrome is updated with NFC on websites, new Discover interface and more

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Google Chrome today launched its new tabbed view in the form of a grid in Spain in its stable version. Meanwhile, lto beta number 89 of the browser it is launched now and leaves us with a series of news. Some news that is expected soon will also end up reaching the stable version. We have already been able to know the main news in this new beta.

Google Chrome Beta 89 is a reality and in this version of the browser for Android we find better security, an interface change for Google Discover, as well as NFC on web pages. No dates have been given for the launch of these functions in their stable version, they are expected to arrive throughout 2021.

These are the improvements in Google Chrome

Discover change design Google Chrome

Discover is going to change its layout in Google Chrome in this beta 89 version of the browser. So far, if we enter Discover using the browser we find the cards and the description. The browser beta is going to transform this design, so that it becomes simpler. Descriptions of recommended items are removed by Google, making cards take up less space.

The NFC Web API is also activated in this beta browser. This API has already been tested for several versions, so its arrival at the stable version of the browser is getting closer and closer. Thanks to this API, web pages will be able to read NFC tags, something that will be active by default in the browser.

There are also security improvements in this new version of the browser, with the introduction of Privacy Sandbox. Google has been working on this feature since 2019, which is expected to be stable soon. Sandox will activate a series of functions related to privacy and security when browsing.

Privacy Sandbox Google Chrome

Google Chrome will also introduce a change in pop-ups, those that jump with notices of cookies or permissions that a website requests or requires. These corners are now rounded, with an interface that looks more like Android 11 than the browser itself.

The browser’s beta number 89 is a reality, but to be able to enjoy these functions in their stable version we will have to wait a bit, surely a few weeks or a month. If you want to try them, you can download the beta on your Android mobile from the Play Store:

Google Chrome is updated with NFC on websites, new Discover interface and more 1

The Google Chrome entry is updated with NFC on websites, the new Discover interface and more appears first in The Free Android.