Google Assistant shortcuts are official

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Google Assistant shortcuts are official 1

At the beginning of October we told you that Google was working and testing some new shortcuts for its smart assistant. Of course, we did not have them in Spain. This has changed, at least in part.

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Shortcuts are now available to everyone

Although these options are not exactly new (we had them available before being replaced by routines), Google has brought them back but with some important changes.

Now these shortcuts communicate with the applications we have installed but we can only create these shortcuts if the app has been updated.

Google Assistant shortcuts are official 2

With this new function we could open the Instagram profile of a specific person, or tweet directly by voice, without having to open the client of the social network that we use.

Shortcuts go back to the Google Assistant

As you can see in the images above, there are many compatible applications, although they are mostly those of Google and the big ones like Spotify, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

However, in our tests we have seen that, although these applications are installed and we have the settings section available, they do not appear as compatible apps.

Google Assistant shortcuts are official 3

The reason is that at the moment this service is available in english so it will take time to see it in Spain unless Google decides to make it compatible with Spanish quickly, which we fear will not happen. We have tried to put both the language of the mobile phone and the assistant in English but for the moment it has not worked.

The point is that, if it is not going to be available in our market soon, it is strange that the function appears in the settings since on other occasions when we have not had access to a feature, it did not appear directly.

We hope to be able to use the new shortcuts in a few weeks in Spain.

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