Google Assistant now works with wired headphones

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The new design of the Google Assistant is already being deployed among users in Spain and it is not the only novelty that it leaves us today. Google Assistant integration with wired headphones it becomes official, as long as said headphones have a button to interact. This function is already being rolled out among users.

Thanks to the integration of the Google Assistant with wired headphones, the next time you connect one to your mobile, you will be shown a notification for its configuration, and thus be able to make this assistant will read you notifications. With the button on the headphones you can interact with the assistant in a simple way.

The Google Assistant comes to your headphones

Google Assistant Wired Headphones

The only requirement that has to be met is that such wired headphones have a button, because that button will be the method with which you will interact with the Google Assistant. When you connect the headphones to the phone, a window will appear where you can start with the configuration of this new function. Also, this window explains how this wizard feature works.

In this configuration window you can give permission to the Google app to read notifications, something optional. If you want it to have access, you can also choose the applications whose notifications you want it to be able to read in your account. There is also a personal results function, so that it will give you calendar notifications or other aspects related to your account, although this is also optional.

Once this setup is complete, you can use the buttons on the headphones to activate Google Assistant on your phone, making a long touch on said button. If you get a notification, Google Assistant can read it on your headphones. In addition, you will also have the possibility to dictate messages through the headphones, in case you want to reply to a message on WhatsApp.

Google Assistant wired headphones on Android

This new feature is already being deployed among users on Android. If you connect a headset with a button to your phone, you may already get this window with information in it, to start configuring the Assistant. In case it does not come out yet, it should not take too long and in a few hours you can surely use it.

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