Google Assistant introduces support for multiple accounts

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Many Android users in Spain have several email accounts associated with the phone or open on it. The Google Assistant is associated with a unique account, usually your main Google / Gmail account, the one that is linked to the phone. This is something that can cause certain limitations when using it on the phone.

The good news is that Google had been working on add multi-account support for your assistant. After being seen for the first time at the beginning of September, support for multiple accounts is becoming a reality in Google Assistant, thanks to the beta of the Google app.

The Google Assistant supports multiple accounts

Google Assistant support multiple accounts

This new option has been seen in the Google Assistant settings, which were renewed a couple of months ago. Within the Accounts section, the possibility of giving access to said assistant to other accounts. By clicking on the option to add an account, a series of accounts are provided that are active on the device, which can be linked with Assistant.

This action will give the wizard access to the data and services provided by said accountIf we have apps linked to it like Calendar, but keeping the session in the main Gmail account on the phone at all times, the one associated with the assistant.

This is an option that can be useful for users who have your personal account and your professional account open on the phone. In addition, this function is already compatible with applications such as Google Meet or Calendar, allowing you to choose which calendars Assistant will have access to, for example.

Google Assistant support multiple accounts

This new feature is available to users on the new beta of the Google application. It is expected that the support of the Google Assistant for multiple accounts will be extended over the weeks and reach its stable version. At the moment no dates have been given for its general launch.

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