Google Assistant integrates into Samsung Smart TVs

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Google Assistant has made great strides these years, becoming an indispensable tool for many people in Spain. The Google assistant has been gaining presence on more and more devices and today it is taking a step of great importance. Its integration with Samsung Smart TVs is finally a reality.

Thanks to this, Samsung Smart TVs are already compatible with three of the main assistants on the market: Bixby, Alexa and now Google Assistant. This integration reaches a series of televisions within the Samsung range, as the firm has revealed today.

Google Assistant already on Samsung Smart TVs

Google Assistant Samsung Smart TV

According to Samsung’s announcement, Google Assistant is going to be integrated into all its 4K, QLED 8K, Crystal UHD, The Frame, The Serif, The Sero and The Terrace models by 2020. This means that practically any Smart TV within the Samsung catalog that was launched this year will be compatible with the wizard, so you can use it.

This is an important moment, as Google Assistant moves to be fully integrated into Smart TVs Of the brand. This will allow you to speak directly to the assistant without depending on or using other devices. You simply have to use the microphone on the remote control and then give the voice commands, which the assistant will listen to and execute later. These commands will allow you to control the television (change channels, lower or raise volume, stop playback…).

In addition to controlling the television, Samsung confirms that home automation control is also enabled. Since you can turn lights on or off in other rooms at home, access the thermostat, create alarms and more. It will also be able to be used to see the weather, the news, since it is compatible with various Google services, such as Google Photos, Google Calendar or the search engine, among others.

Google Assistant integrates into Samsung Smart TVs 1

The deployment of this integration has already started in some countries in Europe, such as France, Germany and Italy. You have to wait a few days until it becomes a reality in Spain, it is expected that be at the end of this month when I arrive. A little more patience to enjoy this Google Assistant integration on Samsung Smart TVs.

The Google Assistant entry is integrated into Samsung Smart TVs, it appears first in The Free Android.