Google Assistant does not work for some users

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In recent weeks we have seen how Google has had several problems, some more serious than others, related to the use of its services. The most important drop affected all its applications as long as we used them connected with our user.

This implies that the problem came from the accounts, not from the platforms themselves. And that is what is happening now with the Google assistant.

Some users cannot use the Google Assistant

Google Assistant does not work for some users

As we see on Reddit, there are several people who are reporting bugs with the assistant. If you try to use it from a mobile, either with Android or with iOS, the result is a message that indicates that it cannot connect with Google: «Can`t reach Google at the moment«.

If users with that message try to use a smart speaker they will see how it does not work either. In the case of what has a screen, you will see the four colored circles rotating in it, as when we started to configure the device.

Google Assistant does not work for some users 1

Apparently, the problem occurs in some accounts and although it is not yet widespread, there are many who find this problem.

Google has indicated that they are aware of the problem and that they are working on it to solve it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the only option to use the Google assistant is to link another account, although that will obviously limit the use we have of connected apps and linked services.

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