Google Assistant can tell you how many hours you slept last night

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A year ago it became official Google’s purchase of Fitbit, an operation that gave much to talk about due to the possible consequences for the users of the brand’s bracelets and watches in Spain. Since the operation was announced, the two companies have worked to unite their services, something that we are beginning to see, now with Google Assistant.

A few months ago it was announced that Google Assistant was coming to Fitbit watches (something that has started to happen recently). Now, there is now a new feature that is starting to show up in the Google Assistant. The assistant integrates with sport and activity monitoring applications.

New feature in Google Assistant

Google Assistant integration dream

The new Google Assistant settings became official among Android users in October. In these settings we find a list with all settings or services to use the wizard for, such as music, shopping, time and more, where you can also choose the default app when performing a specific action (play music and use Spotify by default, for example).

In this listing a new option is introduced which is the Wellness option. For now, it is only possible to link the Fitbit application in this new option in the assistant, but it is a section with which you can link the assistant to wellness and physical activity control applications. It can be daily physical activity (steps, calories, distance …), in addition to sleep or nutrition.

Being linked, you can ask Google Assistant for information from of these applications. If you want to know how many hours you slept last night or the number of steps you took yesterday, you can ask the assistant directly. For now, the function only gives information about sleep, although it will surely soon be expanded to more activities related to the user’s well-being.

Google Assistant Fitbit

It is not known when this new option will be expanded among Android users. There are already some who have access to it in the wizard, but at the moment it seems to be very limited. So we’ll have to wait a bit until it reaches everyone, as well as being compatible with more services apart from Fitbit.

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