Google adds extra information to search results

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Although the company founded by Larry Page and Sergei Brin has evolved a lot since the project that gave rise to Google, the search engine has always been the central axis of the company, even when it was fragmented into Alphabet.

It is the most used search engine worldwide, except in countries like China, and in others like Spain it has an almost total market share.

Now the company has slightly changed its search results to increase the information on the websites that appear in them.

Explaining the search results

This function, announced today, allows us to see what each website is in the list of results before entering them.

As you can see in the video, if we click on the icon with the three dots that appears in each result, in the upper right corner, we will have an information window.

In it appears information on what type of website is the one that gives the search result. It also tells us if the type of connection is secure, using various web programming parameters.

Finally, it warns us that a specific result is not an ad, but an organic result, if that is the case.

Google adds extra information to search results 1

In this way we can know more about a web portal before entering, something that in theory should be useful but that will depend on how that information is presented. According to Google, the information will be extracted from Wikipedia and when there is no information available it will use the information extracted from the site itself after Google’s indexing.

The latter can be a problem if it can be used to deceive by the owners of the web themselves, making the result of this function the opposite of the original.

At the moment this new function in Google Search has been launched for those who use the search engine in English, and it is hoped that it will soon reach other languages, although there are no dates.

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