Goodbye to Periscope: Twitter closes the app in March because few use it

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Six years ago Twitter bought Periscope, an application to broadcast live videos, with the intention of expanding its functions. In these years, many users in Spain have made live broadcasts on the social network with this application. Although in the last two years the number of users has decreased significantly, therefore, the social network has made an important decision.

Twitter confirms today the closure of Periscope, which will take place in March 2021. The fall of users in the application has made its maintenance unsustainable, since the costs will increase over time, accelerating the time of its closure.

Twitter says goodbye to Periscope

The 360º video comes to Twitter from Periscope

Over the next few days, users they will no longer be able to create new accounts on Periscope. March 2021 will be when the application is no longer available in application stores. Until then, Twitter has said that users will be able to download a copy of their videos and their data, in case they want to keep them.

Despite the closure of Periscope, live video broadcasts are not saying goodbye to the social network. Since its functions have been gradually integrated into the social network itself, on services like Twitter Live, which will be the one that the witness also collects. This is something that has contributed to Periscope becoming expendable and ending up shutting down permanently.

The arrival of Periscope to the social network allowed users stream live video on your mobile, allowing said videos to be played live, in addition to 24 hours after they are broadcast. The followers of an account received a notification to enter the video, to view it or leave comments. In these years, platforms such as Instagram have been crowned as the most popular for live broadcasts, relegating Periscope to the background.

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Twitter therefore makes the decision to close Periscope now, before maintenance costs become too high. Users who have used this app these years will be able to download a copy of their videos and data before it closes in March. If you are one of them, don’t wait too long to do it.

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