me, the magic of connect to any computer from any device and place with just download an executable

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Table of Contents me, the magic of connect to any computer from any device and place with just download an executable

On more occasions than we would say we need to get at the controls of a computer remotely. The team of the office because we have forgotten to send a file, the of a family member because they come to problems that you do not know to solve, that of house when we are out of it and save something that we need to…

And for these problems there is usually a solution. What happens, is that a large part of the programs and applications that everyone knows and we recommend are of payment, require a setup or not are simple to use.

This program provides easy access to a remote desktop in less than a minute

That’s why, when we are faced with alternatives such as me, it seems that we are before something really magical. Because you don’t need anything beyond the obvious; a connection decent internet and download an executable. In less than a minute you can be up and running without complications of any kind and without paying anything because it is completely free.

Download, run and voila: it works

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Getscreen.I it works in a way extremely simple. The only thing we have to do on the computer you want to remotely control is download the executable file we provide free of charge for both Windows and macOS, and soon also for Linux distributions.

It is a file .exe no more mystery, just, we will have to run on the computer. According to the security settings of our operating system. probably we should allow Getscreen.I can connect to our private network, and already would be.

At this point, we will come a small window with a URL and a QR code that leads to that same address, which gives us the remote access. So that only we will enter it in the browser of the device from which we’re going to remotely access the first computer and, without carrying out any form of configuration or key exchange, we will already be inside.

Putting it to work is as simple as downloading the executable, run it, and access it from the controller computer to the URL that appears
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It is worth noting that we can routinely maintain that remote control and others, as many as you likesimply registrándonos on the web and, after introducing our data in the window that appears when you run the executable. The accesses shall be established, thanks to the technology, WebRTC, will be in service mode, so that in addition to being able to interact with the desktop, you will have access to the task manager, the screens of the operating system or the monitor selection., during the sessions, it also provides an easy transfer of files, the possibility of using the clipboard, communication via chat and call if the computer is remotely controlled there is a user and the possibility of connecting, of course, from mobile devices with a stability of the connection is really amazing.

By creating an account on the service, we will be able to maintain the connections with the different devices that we want to remotely control

In addition, if we create a personal account on the serviceto establish a continuous access without the need of links, we will have at our disposal a history of connections, a center of control, delegation of access or monitoring of the network.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the service employs AES encryption, does not use intermediate servers, use a dedicated IP address fully independent and in the future, companies will have plug-ins available to integrate in your infrastructure. For the moment, as we say, the tool is completely free although they do not rule out set up payment plans in the future. Yes, they say, there will always be a free version.

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