Get the ring artifacts in Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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Table of Contents

To achieve them, we must carry out a series of missions that will grant us ring or other artifacts, depending on the objective we achieve. In this way, we will obtain spells that we can combine in the so-called spell fusions of the game.


How to get the Blizzard Ring artifact

There are two ways to get this ring, which is one of the easiest to get due to its location and its very specific way of doing it. The first and most traditional way consists of kill two enemies that they will give us the opportunity to give us that ring, although chance comes into play a bit. The location is on the southwestern edge of the map, specifically when removing the water we will find two Griffins that we must kill safely. We will probably get the ring, but if not, nothing happens.

final fantasy ccre blizzard ring artifacts

Players who get a bonus points for under 91 they will get as a reward the Ring of Blizzard. However, this strategy only occurs if the Griffin creatures are in cycle 1, although each time they reach a new cycle there is an opportunity to try again. Of course, the difficulty will be greater.

final fantasy ccre artifacts ring i see lu sluice

Another option is to go the more complicated way, facing directly with Veo Lu Sluice, the boss who owns that ring. To do this, it is necessary to connect with other players who also have access to the cycle 1 of Veo Lu Sluice and that they are also looking for the ring, getting as few points as possible. It is somewhat complicated, with the player with the lowest score getting the artifact.

How to get Ring of Healing artifacts

Unlike the previous one, the company is complicated with this ring artifact since it is a challenge to achieve it. There is only one way to obtain it and under very specific conditions that in fact, will not be accessible For casual players to Final Fantasy, it takes advanced progress.

final fantasy ccre healing ring artifact

The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. And it is that this Ring of Healing offers great advantages in combat, since it allows to give healing at any time during the game. The ring is only found in the dungeon of Conall Curach, available in the fourth year. It can be found in any cycle of this dungeon, although it will be easier to get it with a lower level of it.

final fantasy ccre conall curach ring artifact

For this, the collaboration of other players will be necessary to defeat the boss of the dungeon, although the range of points that we do individually will again influence. The range that maximizes the appearance of the ring around 193-239 points, although that rank increases depending on the players who participate in the mission. Therefore, you must first familiarize yourself with the scoring system, although chance is everything in achieving this Ring of Healing.