Genshin Impact updates to version 1.2 this month: new map and more characters

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Genshin Impact is being one of the most popular games this year in Spain. Since its launch this year it has been a success in terms of downloads and income for the responsible studio. Looking ahead to Christmas, its creators leave us with good news, because the launch of an update is announced that will leave us with many new features.

This is version 1.2 of Genshin Impact which will be launched this month, just in time for Christmas, on December 23rd. In this new version of the game the game map is expanded and we are left with a series of new features as well. An update that will reach all platforms.

Genshin Impact updates to version 1.2

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Genshin Impact is going to leave us with new characters, a new map, new creatures, artifacts or recipes, plus a seasonal event in this new version 1.2. Dragonspine is the name of this new expansion of the game, where we have this seasonal event, which comes under the name “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”. Albedo and Ganyu are the new 5-star characters to appear in this event.

In the video you can see the trailer for this new version of the game, where we can get an idea about the changes in the game itself, with new characters and map. Also, more changes are expected to be introduced in this 1.2 version of the game:

  • Chat: Travelers who unlock the buddy system will be able to use the new chat that is entered on the Friends screen or via a shortcut button.
  • Custom names: You can select a friend’s avatar and name it in the note. This name will appear on our friends list and in chats, so we can better remember who each person is.
  • Trip log: All dialogues and previously completed story will appear in said trip log. This way you will be able to read the completed missions again.
  • Domain Improvements: Travelers in Genshin Impact will be able to replay a Mastery Challenge from within, without having to go out again. Also, you don’t have to collect the drops and rewards yourself, as they are automatically added to your inventory.
  • Get Fate Encounter easily: This item will be easier to find in version 1.2.

Genshin Impact

This new version of Genshin Impact 1.2 will be released on Android, iOS, PlayStation and Xbox on December 23. It has also been confirmed that version 1.3 will arrive in February 2021, coinciding with the arrival of the game on Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact updates to version 1.2 this month: new map and more characters 1


The Genshin Impact entry is updated to version 1.2 this month: new map and more characters appear first in The Free Android.