Genshin Impact: Code to get primogems

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Table of Contents

Primogems are a key element to, among other things, unlock content in the game. We are going to explain what they are for and how we can get those primogems for free, although it will be a method for a limited time.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

What are primogems?

These are only one type of extremely valuable coins that allow us to have the possibility of exchanging them for some special items. They are ideal for making some free wishes as they can be ‘Standard destinations’ or ‘Limited destinations’, and with this to get the possibility of unlocking some characters in this game, it is necessary to cultivate them to get many more and thus progress quickly.

To get a character, it is more advisable to use the second pack, since they guarantee us first-level rewards and characters to be able to summon. The prizes are obtained at random, you cannot acquire items by finger.

Obtain the Primogem Code in Genshin Impact

There are several ways to get primogems in Genshin Impact, either through gifts or on your own merits. We must review the Adventurer’s Manual to see the missions that we can carry out, since when we complete them they will reward us with primogems. In addition, we can open the chests of the Sanctuary of the Depths. as well as carry out some searches since these allow us to receive primogems as a reward.

genshin impact primogems

However, events are another place where we can collect enough primogems under our belt to get more primogems without having to explore large areas of the map or have to do numerous missions. But something that makes it even easier to obtain gems, is undoubtedly that the developers of Genshin Impact provide us with a code. Therefore, during these days we will have at our disposal for a limited time the option of getting up to 30 primogems just by entering a code.

To redeem the primogems code in Geshin Impact, we must log in with our account on the adventurer title website, and go to the option of “Redeem code”. We will enter another screen where our nickname will be filled in and we only have to select the Europe region. We will enter the code GENSHINMHY0O ‘ and they will automatically send us an email to redeem the 30 first gems. It should be noted that only players who have reached the adventurer level 10 and let them play in PC, Android or iOS they can take advantage of the offer.