Galaxy Watch 3: you revealed your complete design

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Table of Contents

Galaxy Watch 3: you revealed your complete design 1

A few of the watches that most anticipation is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Which should be the next smart watch from Samsung stands out for bringing back the bísel mechanical, something that Samsung has not been included in a new watch from 2018. But it would not be the only thing special of this mobile.

After having been confirmed by Samsung on their official website and have met some real photographs, today we know the renders of the Galaxy Watch 3, which have been revealed by Evleaks, the famous leaker.

The Galaxy Watch 3 appears on your first render

The render they are not actual photographs, but pictures recreated by computer to use for commercial purposes, as may be appear in the images of the official website of the product, or finally in our own technical specifications when the device in question is officially submitted.

Today we know the renders of the Galaxy Watch 3, watch, of which we know little by little your details. These renders give us an idea of how it would be finally the watch with its strap official.

Galaxy Watch 3: you revealed your complete design 2

The design of the Galaxy Watch 3 surprise. In a certain sense feel the essence of the Galaxy Watch original or Gear S3, but in the same way the design is worked. Still a big watch, but it feels less bulky, with a bísel much reduced and few physical buttons more similar to that of an original watch.

The filtered model has a leather strap, so that is likely the version Classic. Samsung we used to create two models, one with strap elegant and the other more sporty, so we would still have to know this second.

As mentioned often, the leaks are not a universal truth, and even though it appears a lot of information about this watch, until the moment of official presentation, it can all change. There is the possibility that this watch is finished coming in with the filtered data, but it also might come with another name.

All that we know about the next watch Samsung

  • The sizes of the diagonal of these watches are 41 and 45 mm.
    • To put in perspective, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 have versions 40 and 44 mm, while the Galaxy Watch original, of 42 and 46 mm, so that the new clocks would be at an intermediate point.
  • Screen:
    • Model 41 mm: 1.2 inches.
    • Model 45 mm: 1.4 inches.
    • To put in perspective, the Galaxy Watch of 42 mm was 1.2 inches and the 46 mm 1.3 inches.
  • Resistance:
    • Materials of construction:
      • Glass Gorilla Glass on the DX.
      • Stainless steel.
    • Water resistance of 5 atmospheres.
    • Certification MIL-STD-810G.
  • Other:
    • Revolving bezel.
    • Heart rate Sensor.
    • Bluetooth.
    • Wireless charging.
    • GPS, Wifi and versions with LTE.

The input Galaxy Watch 3: unveiled its complete design is listed first on The Android Free.