Galaxy S7, immortal: Samsung refuses to end it and updates it again

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Among the mobile brands available in Spain, the Samsung Galaxy S have for years been one of the main references in the high-end range, both in quality, as well as in support and innovation. Although right now the competition is very tight, there was a time when this range was absolute dominant on Android, and for many users the Galaxy S7 is the last great mobile that represents this image of absolute leader.

Despite the fact that 4 and a half years have passed since its official launch, and although Samsung has already closed the update cycle of this terminal a few months ago, in the last hours it has begun to receive another new update.

Galaxy S7 receives September 2020 security patch

Last April, Samsung ended the cycle of regular updates for the Galaxy S7, shortly after turning four years after its launch. Falling off the list of supported mobiles was indicative that the mobile would no longer receive guaranteed updates regularly (which at that time, was quarterly). This did not spell its end, as Samsung dropped that they would keep updating it with critical updates.

After updating it again in May, Samsung is back to its old ways, and it is that in the last hours it has begun to deploy a new update with the September 2020 security patch, in a patch that weighs about 69 MB.

Galaxy S7, immortal: Samsung refuses to end it and updates it again 1Galaxy S7 update | Via Sammobile.

That Samsung continues to update the Galaxy S7 at this point sends several messages. First of all, it shows that there are still a significant number of Galaxy S7 users, a sign that we have reached the point where a smartphone is capable of keeping up for five years, despite the fact that every year they dazzle us with new Models. On the other hand, it is also a guarantee when it comes to continuing to consider the Galaxy S as a durable range.

Samsung has promised three years of Android updates for the Galaxy S10 onwards, and while the promises are fine, trust is earned with facts. And there is no better fact than to keep updating a mobile after so long.

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