Galaxy Labs, Samsung experiments with recycle bin apps, battery and more

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Behind the arrival in Spain of Good Lock, the set of modules with which to improve the customization of the Samsung Galaxy, we take a look at Galaxy Labs, its experimental applications. More accurate battery statistics, recycle bin and much more.

The customization of the Samsung Galaxy has always been very high thanks to the brand’s layer. TouchWiz first, then Samsung Experience and One UI. That users wanted more customization? Good lock was an incentive for some Samsung Galaxy owners, too Galaxy Labs, a set of experimental tools with which to enhance phone control. If you didn’t know about Galaxy Labs, it’s worth a try.

Better management of your mobile thanks to Galaxy Labs

Samsung Galaxy Labs

As with Good Lock, Galaxy Labs offers different functionalities extensible by modules that are downloaded and activated according to what the user wants. The set of modules does not grow at the same rate as its sister app, Good Lock: it remains in the initial four.

Although Galaxy Labs does not have anywhere near as many add-ons as Good Lock, that does not mean that it is not worth installing. With it, useful functions are added such as:

  • File Guardian, a complete recycle bin. With this module there is always the option to recover any deleted item since it allows you to restore it, just like a recycle bin.
Samsung Galaxy Labs File Guardian
  • Battery Tracker, battery consumption monitoring. It is not that the energy use in One UI is poorly reflected, but this module goes further. It offers accurate spending statistics with the apps that consumed the most, their total time active and much more.
Samsung Galaxy Labs Battery Tracker
  • Battery Guardian, protection against excessive battery consumption. This module has a background operation that allows optimizing the Samsung Galaxy when it detects excessive battery consumption. It offers analysis of the status and stopping of wasteful apps.
Samsung Galaxy Labs Battery Guardian
  • Galaxy App Booster, optimizes the startup of applications. It adds a function quite similar to the one that is included in ‘Device maintenance’: it allows to enhance the startup and use of applications to improve the overall performance of the phone.
Samsung Galaxy Labs App Booster

The four modules currently included in Samsung Galaxy Labs complement the similar functions that One UI already brings as standard. Battery Tracker improves the display of battery statistics, especially if you need a global consumption and not divided by days; File Guardian is a great lifesaver if you deleted something you didn’t want; and both Battery Guardian and App Booster are more an accessory than real utility applications, at least in most common uses: their operation is basically that of the system.

You can download Samsung Galaxy Labs from this link to the Galaxy Store or search for the app by name in the Samsung store. Then you must install each module from Galaxy Labs, also launch it from there. Both the modules and the Galaxy Labs application are in English.

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Galaxy Labs, Samsung experiments with recycle bin apps, battery and more

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