Galaxy Buds+, headphones true wireless for the day-to-day

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Table of Contents

Revolution in the sound in motion

Along with the new Galaxy S20 Series, Samsung presented this year, the most recent version of headphones designed to be always on the move. And this begins with the ergonomic design, thought to be, primarily, comfortable, and able to take them throughout the day. It has also studied one of the main complaints that have many users: they will not fall out. To its studied form, add pads of different sizes that allow a perfect fit, both for stability and to ensure a quality sound.

But to be able to withstand the hectic schedule of everyday life, what was needed is to reach new levels of autonomy. The Galaxy Buds+ 11 hours thanks to its battery of 85 mAh, which can be expanded up to 22 hours with the charging case that has a reserve of 270 mAh. What that would allow us to use them without problems on a long plane trip, or all day in the office, with enough battery power to llevárnoslos then to the gym.

Galaxy Buds battery

And to finish off this, if we take them as a complement to Galaxy S20 or any other smartphone with , we will be able to recharge the batteries for headphones housings and at any time only with them above the mobile phone, if it has this function. In addition, the new Galaxy Buds+ have the option of fast charge – cable, coming in to generate 60 minutes of autonomy in just 3 minutes of charging.

To not take no surprise, Galaxy Buds+ feature with an app “Galaxy Wearable” smartphone that informs us of the state of charge both the headset as separate from the housing.

Audio new generation

It is evident that Galaxy Buds+ are able to solve the first problem: be ready for all-day use. But the other pending issue in many headphones true wireless is to get a sound first level.

In the case of the Samsung, thanks to the presence of the latest technologies of sound of AKG, have not only taken a step forward, is that they are a step ahead right now. For those who like the technical data, Galaxy Buds+ are equipped with an innovative speaker system 2-way, complete with a speaker Tweeter that provides acute, much more intense and a sub Woofer so you can enjoy the bass sound more powerful. For those who are not so “technical”, this translates into a well-balanced sound and clear, not only able to allow an excellent quality to videos or music, but can also be used for audio production in the studio.

A bubble around us

It is the best way to describe the ability of Galaxy Buds+ of walling ourselves off from the outside world thanks to their microphones – that allow us to then make the calls -. With up to four levels of ambient sound, are especially useful in noisy environments such as… a composition in which all the world is talking on the phone and you need to concentrate, to write –yes, let us this little license of personal experience.

Galaxy Buds speaker

And also, this same feature allows us to not have to remove the headphones if you want to go back to “connect” with the world, and to learn when a partner asks us something at work or we are watching a movie and someone calls us to care for something at home.

Galaxy Buds sound

Calls in that you are only hear to you

In the end, all of these technologies are advertised for one thing, but they are good for something. Technology including microphones (one internal and two external) of Galaxy Buds+ can not only isolate ourselves from the world, it also helps to capture and eliminate the ambient noise and focus on our voice, for the sound to reach to our audience in a clear and crisp, despite being in a noisy environment.

Galaxy Buds microphones

Full Control with a single finger

It is one of the strong points. Do not go looking for where is this or that little button that you turn the volume up or hangs up the call. A touch control accurate, based on touches – both in number and in duration, allows us to control in every moment the role that we are taking advantage of the Galaxy Buds+ as can be playback or a call. With a special detail for Spotify users: touching and holding, it will play the music “recommended” for our user profile.

Galaxy Buds control

Are Samsung, but they are universal

And it remains to comment on the compatibility and connectivity. Yes, Galaxy Buds+ are Samsung, but not only work seamlessly with the mobile of the hyundai brand, but with either, Android or iOS. Now, if we have several Samsung devices synchronized with the same account, we can configure them in one of them and, automatically, we can use them in all the others without doing anything.

A detail very practical, for example, to use them both on the streets and Galaxy S20 Series, for example, and when I get home to view content on our Smart TV, if it is of the same brand.