Fruit Ninja 2 comes to Android 10 years after the original game

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Table of Contents

Fruit Ninja is a game that was launched ten years ago for Android phones and became a huge success in Spain. Ten years later, HalfBrick Studio finally leaves us with its successor, that comes with the name Fruit Ninja 2. This game is now available to users on Android and iOS officially.

Fruit Ninja 2 maintains the same theme of the original game, although a series of new features have been introduced. We find more minigames inside, content that we can unlock as we move forward, battles with other characters and more. A renovation that makes the game adapt to the current market.

A renewed game that maintains its essence

Fruit Ninja 2 game

In Fruit Ninja 2, the studio wanted to keep the essence of the original game, but adding a series of new elements that make it more interesting. As we meet battles between players, there are leagues and also events in which to participate, making there a great variety of activities, to keep us hooked on the game at all times. Its essence remains unchanged: cutting fruit quickly and efficiently.

In the game we find various types of minigames. There is a normal arcade mode, where we can practice at the beginning, as well as various types of mini-games, where they will test our ability to cut fruit quickly, in various scenarios. The difficulty is variable, so they are a good way to measure our skills.

Fruit Ninja 2 minigames

As we gain experience new minigames will be unlocked, whose difficulty is increasing, to adjust to our level. New levels are also being unlocked in the game, so that we can continue to improve and have challenges. In addition, in the store we can buy items such as new swords, in order to cut fruit better.

Fruit Ninja 2 screen

Another novelty in Fruit Ninja 2 is the League, where we will be able to compete with other players around the world. A competition that is unlocked only when you have a good level, but that will allow you to play in battles where you will be the fastest and most skilled at cutting fruit, until you are going to be able to crown yourself as the winner. This new competition adds a new element to the game, which makes it very interesting.

Fruit Ninja 2 comes to Android 10 years after the original game 1

Fruit Ninja 2 maintains its controls, easy to use and with which we can cut the fruit in the best possible way. A classic that has been known to renew with new elements, and that remains as an addictive and entertaining game, which has everything to be a new hit for HalfBrick Studio.

How to download Fruit Ninja 2 on Android

Fruit Ninja 2 home

Fruit Ninja 2 has already been launched on Google the Play Store officially. The download of the game is free, although we find some purchases inside it, which are optional at all times.

The Fruit Ninja 2 entry comes to Android 10 years after the original game first appears in The Free Android.