Free VPN with Google One: The Latest from Google’s Cloud

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Table of Contents

Free VPN with Google One: The Latest from Google's Cloud 1

Among the cloud storage options available in Spain, Google One is one of the most interesting if you use Android. In addition to offering only cloud storage, this service is perfectly integrated with Android, by offering system backups and being able to use this storage for your images and videos using the original Google Photos storage.

Google is beginning to test a new tool within Google One, including free VPN to subscribers of the cloud service. We explain what it is and at what rates Google offers the VPN.

Google One gives away VPN in its best subscription, first in the United States

Cloud storage services are increasingly the order of the day. Beyond the few gigs that these services give away, storage by price is not as high a priority as accompanying it with complementary functions. The best example is Microsoft, by offering its space in the cloud together with the Office 365 subscription, being one of the most competitive options.

Google doesn’t want to be left behind, and has started to include a VPN service at its best rate. The acronym for VPN refers toVirtual Private Network, which in Spanish means “Private Virtual Network.” It is a technology designed to protect us when browsing the internet, improving our security.

This private virtual network is activated from the Google One application for Android, although Google indicates that it will soon arrive for iOS, Windows and Mac. Initially it is at the 2 TB rate, which costs in Spain 9.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros if you decide to pay it annually.

However, do not rush to pay it, since the Google One VPN begins to arrive first in the United States for subscribers of the 2 TB rate, although the company claims that it will reach more countries in the coming months, and it is likely that Spain is among the first when it begins to arrive in Europe.

Free VPN with Google One: The Latest from Google's Cloud 2

The free VPN gateway with Google One: the latest addition to the Google cloud appears first on The Free Android.