Free games during the week for download on Google Play

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Table of Contents

Google Play does not close the shutter of the bids, and in full month of July, with new candidates to install on our device. These candidates are treated in games that can make us pass the end of the week very entertaining, and free. Once more, we have free games during the week from Google Play.

And is that they are almost 30 bids which we have already been during this year 2020. On this occasion, we have a selection very varied in terms of genres. Do you leave the prices in the download links? In some yes, but not to worry, all the games are free during these days.

ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant VIP

Role-playing game with an aesthetic very retro and really simple to play. Despite seeming somewhat monotonous in playable, it provides details such as dialogues with some degree of humor, in addition to numerous elements for you to customize all the characters involved in the story. The missions are very linear, with a final boss at the end of each one of them.

extreme jobs kinghts games free week 29

ExtremeJobs Knight's Assistant VIP
ExtremeJobs Knight's Assistant VIP

Heroes Legend – Epic Fantasy RPG

This title, also of role, has a graphic section more advanced and current. The adventure is to ” unlock the more than 60 heroes, and that we can improve through training programs. The battles are very interactive, with the ability to handle the heroes that take part in the missions.
heroes legend free games week 29

Heroes Legend - Epic Fantasy RPG
Heroes Legend - Epic Fantasy RPG

Freelancer Simulator Inc

A simulator to create our own start-up. We begin with the lowest, and gradually hire personnel to increase productivity. We can have other branches of business, as the profitability in the stock market or other aspects such as giving food to employees, all in a gameplay-based clicks.

Freelancer Simulator Inc : Game Dev Money Clicker
Freelancer Simulator Inc : Game Dev Money Clicker


A relaxing game to complete puzzles with geometric shapes. The design is very minimalist, with vsión in 2D, more than 100 levels and various mechanical, so that we do not notice feelings of monotony or levels too linear. You can’t memorize the levels, since each one follows a distinct pattern.