Free alternatives to WinRAR and WinZip on Windows 10

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Table of Contents

Your operating system, most likely, will be able to compress and decompress folders without problems, but it does not support all formats. WinZip or WinRAR They are solutions that we all know, but as you know they are paid. However, there are alternatives as completely free and that they fulfill the same functions. Therefore, we bring you the ones that we like the most.

While it is true that WinZip and WinRAR are one step ahead of the competition, but their counterparts continue to advance at a good pace, without forgetting that they are free, and with the passage of time they offer exactly the same functions. Let’s see which ones we recommend.



It is one of the preferred solutions for Windows, and it is not surprising considering its wide compatibility and stability. Its compression system uses a own encoding algorithm creation that is very powerful in reducing file space. This program generates compressed files with its own 7z extension. Compressed files can be password-protected and have multi-language support. The interface may be its weakest point as it has a slightly outdated design, but at the same time very effective.

Formats: zip. br2, tar, xz, wlm, swm, arj, cpio, lzh, jhay and rar.



This is a lesser known option, but it has enough power to be one of the tools we use to compress and decompress. Its interface is very similar to that of WinZip, but it is totally free. It works very fast and is easy to use, especially if we are used to WinRAR.

Formats: zip, 7-zip, ace, arc, arj, bh, bz2, cab, cpio, deb, gca, gz, imp, jar, lha, lib, rar, rpm, sqx, tar, tgz, tbz, taz, yz1, zoo, bin, c2d, img, iso, and nrg.



This is a tool with very good functions, in addition to compressing and decompressing. Allows you to edit, save, apply filters, split or join files or restore them. As you can see, it is quite effective with compatibility for 180 different formats. The design is not that spectacular, but it has the advantage that it is customizable.

Formats: 7z, arc, bz2, gz, par, pea, quad, split, tar, upx, zip, ace, arj, bz, cab, chm, cpio, ISO, lzh, lha, rar, wim, xpi and taz, among others .



It is portable software so it is not necessary to install it and we can carry it on a USB or external hard drive if we want. This application allows you to compress with the AES Rijndael 256-bit standard and it is surprising how many formats it supports. Something very interesting is the WinZip password decoding option, something that we may need at any given moment.

Formats: 7z, arc, arj, B64, bh, bin, bz2, c2d, cab, cdi, cpio, .deb, enc, gca, gz, gza, img, ISO, jar, tha, lib, lzh, mdf, mbf, mim , nrg, pak, pdi, .pk3, .rar, rpm, tar, taz, tbz, tgz, tz, uue, war, xpi, xxe, yz1, zip and zoo.



This tool is one of the best zip and unzip programs. The interface is original with its own design and distinctive of what we see in the rest of the similar applications. It has support for Unicode text, exe files can be created and we can divide into several compression files.

Formats: rar, ace, aes, alz, apk, arj, bh, bin, bz, bz2, cab, egg, gz, j2j, jar, img, ipa, isz, lha, lzma, pma, tbz, tbz1, tgz, tlz , txz, udf, war, wim, xpi, xz and z.


Zipware program to compress files

It is a very good program to compress and decompress that has a very nice and highly intuitive interface. It is capable of working with many types of formats. It behaves very fast, as well as being extremely stable. When it comes to compressing it is capable of creating zip, and even exe files. The encryption system of your files is done with the AES 256 standard.

Formats: zip, zipx, 7z, rar, rar5, iso, vhd, gzip, bzip2, tar, cpio, xz, deb, dmg, rpm and xpi.

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver file compressor

This is a zip and unzip software that is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. Therefore, due to this fact, we can consider it as a great alternative to WinRAR and WinZip. It can work with files with password and has encryption of type AES 256 bits if we want to protect the files that we create so that nobody can enter them. All this is offered for free, another point in its favor.

Formats: b1, zip, jar, xpi, rar, 7z, arj, bz2, cab, deb, gzip, tgz, iso, lzh, lha, lzma, rpm, tar, xar, dmg and some other more.



This is a compression and decompression program, of Open Source and totally free. It will allow us to manage our compressed files in many ways, resulting in a much smaller capacity than other similar tools. The interface is simple, but at the same time intuitive and does not need any adaptation, since everything is at hand and where it should be. It has a function that is very comfortable and that allows us to search for information within a compressed file without having to open it.

Formats: zip. br2, tar, xz, wlm, swm, arj, cpio, lzh, jhay and rar.

Ultimate Zip


This last option that we present allows us to compress files and send them by email in one go without having to do several steps and also without exiting the program. It is compatible with Windows and can zip, unzip, and even password-encode files. The interface is quite simple to understand, very similar to WinZip and we will not have excessive problems to work with it.

Formats: zip, rar, ace, bh, cab, jar, lha, gzip, tar, bz2, arc, arj, xxe and uue.

With all these WinRAR and WinZip alternatives that we have shown you, you will be able to enjoy the best in terms of compression and without having to pay out any kind of monetary amount. Also, there is a lot to choose from.

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