Four shortcuts or gestures to use Telegram with more efficiency

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What to do if you deleted your chat messages saved on Telegram

Telegram is a messaging application more popular in Spain. It is a very versatile application, that we can even use it as the best notes app on Android. When you use it on our phone, it is important that we move quickly and take advantage of its functions, make efficient use of the same.

Luckily, Telegram gives us quite a few options for an efficient use, in the form of shortcuts or gestures. Thanks to them we can streamline certain processes, which undoubtedly contributes to good use of this app on the phone. If you use this app on Android and you want to make better use of the same, will be of help.

Slide to exit

At the time of exit from a chat in which we are in the Telegram, what’s normal is to press the button of return, either in the app or in the navigation buttons on the phone. Although in reality there is a method that is much more simple, with which to be able to leave chat and return to the home screen of the application. Since you just have to slide on the screen.

Swipe from the left to the right and that conversation is closed, making your return to the main menu in the Telegram, where you have all the chats. A simple gesture, comfortable and very useful.

Preview chats

There are times that you want to read a message that you have sent, but in that moment you do not have time or feel like responding. The problem is that the other person can see that what you’ve read, which can be problematic in some cases (we all know someone that is offended if you don’t respond immediately). Luckily, Telegram has a good solution to this problem, thanks to the preview from the chats.

This function allows you to display a window preview, so you can read those messages without to be displayed as read. To use it, you just have to hold down on the image that goes next to the name of the conversation. Will then that preview, and thus read the message. If you want to respond, you only have to swipe to enter the chat.

Slide to answer in Telegram

One of the gestures most commonly used in the chats in the app. When someone sends you a message, to respond to a particular message (useful in group chat) simply slide the message so that you can send a direct reply to that message. This will ensure that there is a misunderstanding, something that happens regularly in group chat.

In your response shows a small preview of the message to which you respond and then your response to the full. A convenient way of sending direct responses in your group chat in Telegram, where this function is especially convenient. In addition to save your time to respond.

Send audio long

As in WhatsApp, if you want to send an audio message to a person, click on the microphone button and holding down the same, to send the audio. This is something that is known and that we use, but if you have thought to send a audio long enough another person in the Telegram, is not the best method. Luckily, there is a way to facilitate this.

You just have to slide up the padlockto block the microphone in this way. This allows you to record an audio long, without the need to hold down on the microphone button. When you have finished recording, tap the button to stop the recording, and since you’ll be able to send it.

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