Four risks in video games that you can’t even imagine

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Four risks in video games that you can't even imagine 1

Is it possible to end up getting scammed for gambling? Everything is possible. Today, anything we do connected to the Internet is susceptible to being attacked and that is why we must do our part to avoid it. Video games are no exception.

We have accounts on a multitude of video game platforms, such as Steam services and those that include the Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch or Microsoft Xbox consoles, to mention the best known around the world. In addition, in many of these platforms we have our payment data, to make purchases in online stores and to pay for purchases within the games themselves.

Therefore, it is important to take minimal measures and do our part to minimize risks and secure video games while we continue to enjoy them.

Don’t trust suspicious messages

No serious company is going to ask you to send your accounts, passwords or forms of payment by email. If you get such a message, be suspicious and completely rule out sending that information by email.

Do not click on suspicious links, if you need to update any information on your profile, go directly to the official website or the corresponding application of the game.

Use strong passwords and two-step verification

Year after year we see how there are many users who continue to use generic words or 1234 as a password. These types of passwords are very vulnerable to brute force attacks.

Always use passwords that combine several types of characters or, better, use a password manager to generate them randomly and be able to store them all easily without having to remember them by heart.

Also, many platforms allow us to activate two-step verification.

Beware of malware and public networks

Beyond the security of the accounts, it is important to have a good security solution on our computers that protects us from malware, sometimes it comes camouflaged in downloaded files, or when opening suspicious attachments.

In addition, if we usually connect outside the home to public networks, such as in shopping malls or coffee shops, it is important to use protection such as a VPN to ensure that we encrypt our traffic and browsing.

Control active sessions

Finally, it does not hurt to look at the recent activity of our accounts and profiles. Many online gaming services and platforms such as Nintendo allow us to see active sessions and the history of accesses to our account.

If you see hours that do not fit you, or places of connection that do not coincide with yours, you can remotely close the sessions and remove access permissions.

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