Ford bets on Android and will take it to millions of cars at all prices

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Android goes beyond being the most widespread mobile operating system in Spain and in part of the world, but is increasingly present in more devices such as watches, smart televisions and cars, with proposals such as Android Auto and Android Automotive, a system in the that Ford trusts for the future of its cars.

In the last few minutes, Google and Ford have announced a strategic alliance to accelerate the transformation of the mythical car company with the inclusion of Android in Google cars, applications and services, in addition to the creation of a team in which both companies they will collaborate for new innovations.

Ford bets on Google: cars with Android, Google Cloud and more

Cars continue to be a means of transport that forms an important part of the daily lives of millions of people, and they continue to be modernized little by little. While Android Auto has been with us for years, systems like Android Automotive that offer an in-car experience are making Google’s system increasingly trusted by car manufacturers.

Ford bets on Android and will take it to millions of cars at all prices 1Android Automotive in the Volvo CX40.

Slated for 2023, millions of Ford and Lincoln cars of all price points will include Android, Google’s operating system. Without specifying whether it is Android Automotive, Ford indicates that its cars will include applications and services such as Google Assistant, Google Maps and the Google Play application store as standard. All of them will come integrated into the car, implying that it will not depend on our mobile to function.

Android integration goes far beyond Google services, since one of the main attractions that Ford sees in Android is the possibility to create applications that allow to bring innovation to cars with third-party applications and its own and distinctive developments. Ford.

The alliance between Google and Ford is not limited to Android, since the most interesting part of the agreement would be more focused on the cloud. As part of the agreement, Google Cloud will be a preferred partner in Ford’s digital transformation for the implementation of artificial intelligence, computer learning and data analytics technologies with the power of the cloud.

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