Football Manager 2021 Mobile, ready to download on Google Play

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Table of Contents

SEGA, the company that owns its rights, has released the new updated version for this season. As is often the case in recent years, the game has been released for both mobile and consoles a few months later than the start of the season. Later even than titles like FIFA or eFootball PES.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Database updated to season 2021

The most noticeable change that is usually found in this type of sports simulators is the database change for the current year. In the case of Football Manager the change is more extreme, since the storage capacity it has of players, teams and leagues is absolutely unattainable for another development.

football manager 2021 mobile download tactics

For more INRI, SEGA does not have enough and has decided to add new leagues to the existing content to increase the database. Specifically, we find the leagues of Mexico, Argentina and Canada. It is true that in the case of the second it is striking that it did not obtain a license in previous editions, since it is a league with a certain degree of popularity. In total, we have a roster of 60 leagues from 24 countries.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile, more tactics and strategies

The comparisons are always present, but in the case of the titles that go on the market annually, they are much more. With respect to its recent predecessor, we find some improvements very noteworthy and that directly affect the playability of this FM21 Mobile.

In this way, it includes new game tactics to make the automatic matches, has improved the dynamics to offer the user a much broader view of his team and everything that is happening to him. In short, it offers a system that will provide us with much more information about the equipment and the chemistry between the players. In addition, the game allows us to configure the quarry to increase the experience of young players, as well as see their skills or strengths.

football manager 2021 mobile download match

Football Manager 2021 Mobile also does not forget the graphic section, which has been improved in this edition to offer a clearer representation of the games, perhaps one of its points to improve. There has been a upgrade general of the same, since the previous and subsequent experiences The games have also improved, as well as summaries of the 2020 season are added.