Follow Santa Claus with the classic Google website: Santa Tracker

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Table of Contents

Like every year, Google creates various websites and games so that the little ones can follow the trail of Santa Claus, or Santa Claus, depending on the country where you live, although in Spain he is known in the first way.

As always, the star of the event is a website called Santa Tracker that allows us how long until Santa Claus arrives at our house.

Three new activities while we wait for Santa Claus

Follow Santa Claus with the classic Google website: Santa Tracker 1

In 2020, Google’s proposal goes through the classic real-time tracking to know when this endearing character will arrive at each house, but while that option is activated (as of December 24), we have three new games.

  • Create an elf: The first entertainment consists of designing an elf using elements such as clothes, glasses or the background. It is appreciated that at no time can we remove the mask from your outfit.
  • Collect the gifts: the second game is perfect to use on the computer since we will use the space bar and the arrows.
  • Coloring pictures: the latest novelty is a Christmas-themed coloring book, such as people singing Christmas carols or the famous reindeer of Santa Claus.

Another novelty is the Selfie of Santa Claus, which allows us to retouch his appearance, such as shaving his beard or painting it with spray. A bit weird, really.

In addition to these new proposals on the web, even if we enter from the mobile, we will have many more games to entertain us while we see if the sleigh with the reindeer has already left to carry out its only trip of the year.

Enter the Santa Tracker website

Google assistant

Like last year, we can keep up with the North Pole news thanks to Google Assistant. We can ask you for Christmas recipes or ask for the news from The North Pole.

The entry Follow Santa Claus with the classic Google website: Santa Tracker appears first in The Free Android.