Five applications to amplify the volume of an Android mobile

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Five applications to amplify the volume of an Android mobile

Before you buy a mobile, we can see in your specs your power and configuration of their cameras, but what is an enigma until the testing is the power of your speakers. And, if it sounds with a very low volume, it will always remain the applications to amplify the volume.

These apps are not the panacea: the hardware of the speakers is the one that is, but I can be useful in specific cases and always and when don’t abuse. The majority of these applications include a notice of possible damage to your ears or to your mobile if you spend with the amplification. Don’t ignore it and amplifies only what you need.

Volume Booster Pro


Volume Booster Pro is one of the alternatives more simple to amplify the volume in Android. Its interface is quite to the point, as it includes two controls: one for the normal volume and the other for the amplification (boost).

You do not have any section of additional options, so that it is really easy to use. The result hardly varies from one application to another, as it depends more on the speaker of your phone than anything else, but you should get a good increase in volume before they distort too much.

Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro

Amplifier Volume GOODEV


The application of the amplifier of volume of GOODEV is one of the most popular in amplifiers is concerned, with more than 10 million downloads. Does not have an interface as slick as other alternatives, but to change account with some useful options.

For example, since its options you can choose if you want to be active when you restart the device, as well as to establish the amplification maximum that you want to useto avoid you emotions too much and destroy the speakers of your phone, or your eardrums.

Amplifier Volume GOODEV

Amplifier Volume GOODEV

Enhancer Volume


An interface something sosa move to another far more colorful. Super Volume Booster take care of their design to such an extent that it has different topics to change the design of the application (which you must unlock by watching ads).

Beyond the graphic aspect, the application helps you to control the volume and amplification, with quick buttons to go from 100% to 160%, and a small section for control the music player directly from the application.

Enhancer-Volume - Volume Stronger

Enhancer-Volume – Volume Strong



While the above applications are limited to expand the volume and is now, the Equalizer includes the amplifier as one of its functions. It is, in short, a five-band equalizer with bass boost and virtualizer.

The application has about ten presets for the equalizer, but if you are interested in amplify the volumeyour objective will be the small volume control at the bottom. Works well, although it is a bit difficult to handle the volume control.

Volume Boost, Bass Boost + Equalizer Sound Booster

Volume Boost, Bass Boost + Equalizer Sound Booster

Sound Volume Max


Finally we have Sound Volume Max, who comes to be a sort of mixture of all the above applications. Has a section to amplify the volume, and another that serves five-band equalizeralso with control of bass and virtualizer.

As an amplifier of volume, promises to up to a 200% increasethough you probably sure you understand what you’re listening to a lot before arriving at a figure close to. Is included in the application a small box to control the current playback.

Sound Volume Max - Bass and Sound Booster

Sound Volume Max – Bass and Sound Booster

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Five applications to amplify the volume of an Android mobile

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Five applications to amplify the volume of an Android mobile 1

Five applications to amplify the volume of an Android mobile 2