First images of the credit card, Google Pay

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One of the great opportunities provided by the evolution of mobile devices is the possibility of our phone or clock, it becomes our tool of payments. In Android for years the banks allow us access to a digital copy of our card, but this is not the only option. And Google Pay will offer a new alternative.

Like Apple Pay, Google Pay has become a general solution for mobile payments where we can have cards from several banks, as well as loyalty cards or boarding. And why not, a card of his own from Google.

Google follows the path of Apple and will have its own card Google Pay

First images of the credit card, Google Pay 1

According to has been able to count to Techcrunch, Google would be doing tests with various us banks to create their own card payments, similar to Apple with the Apple Card. This card would have two modalities, and the goal of Google would be just as easy to create as you create an email.

First images of the credit card, Google Pay 2

Such a card would not be only virtual, but we also have a physical card, which would include our name, the chip contactless and the logo of our bank.

First images of the credit card, Google Pay 3

The Google card would not only be físisca, but also would be integrated in the app itself of Google Pay for the Android Wear OS, showing detailed information about each of the payments, in addition to tools such as the power to block the card from the same application, in addition to restart the number of card or make payments from the mobile phone by means of Bluetooth, becoming an alternative for payments between individuals, as can be Bizum.

Today, this card would be in a testing phase internally, so that you can end up not coming to the market, or even that it remains as exclusive to the united States during a time, common practice in the american company.

The input First images of the credit card Google Pay appears first in Android Free.