Facebook is going for Twitch and Youtube with this app for streaming of games

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If something has boosted the pandemic (besides the desserts) is the rise of the video game industry. And it is normal, is one of the few hobbies that have not been affected by the quarantine imposed in many countries.

This is what has led Facebook has advance the development of an application that was intended to be released in early summer. It is an app of streaming of video games that would compete with Youtube and Twitch.

Facebook Gaming grows in concept

That Facebook is interested in games is not new. In fact, some years ago I was one of the most important companies, even though out in the market casual, with the integration of games like Candy Crush and with proposals such as the popular farms.

Facebook is going for Twitch and Youtube with this app for streaming of games 1

But since then its relevance has not been the same, and while this is still the third portal in which most games look (behind Twitch and Youtube), want to climb positions.

According to the New York Times, was going to launch shortly an application designed to be able to broadcast live, and view to play from our mobile. Unlike Twitch, this proposal does not focus on the players who use desktop computers, but in those that use smartphones.

In fact, this application was being tested in countries of Latin America from 18 months agobut now it becomes international. Android users can download it without any problem from the app store:

We can follow the streamers you want, or search directly for a game to find content. And yes, we can deliver us directly from the app. IOS users must wait for the approval of the app by Apple to download it from the AppStore.

Facebook is going for Twitch and Youtube with this app for streaming of games

For now without monetization

One of the challenges facing the platform is to attract streamers that are not going to make money with it, at least in the beginning. Facebook is looking to implement a system of rewards but it is not something that is going to be available at launch.

The strategy of Facebook is to get many players to become streamers by how simple it is, and grow the platform in the future to be able to monetizarla.

The entry Facebook going to for Twitch and Youtube with this app streaming of games is listed first on The Android Free.