Everything you need to know to read comics on your PC

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Everything you need to know to read comics on your PC

Not so long ago, it was believed that the ebook was going to be placed on the paper book in the same way that the MP3 was imposed to the CD or, later, Netflix took the DVD. But this ‘sorpasso’ it has never come to take placein large part by the importance of the factor ‘touch paper’. And the comics -a particular category of books, at the end of the day – has been no exception in that sense.

However, that doesn’t mean that the comic digital doesn’t have its share of usersand even your small ecosystem of software and platforms: it has its own file formats, each with their own programmes of reading and organization of collections, and with their own download sites reference.


In the same way that the ebooks -even though we can find many of them in the ubiquitous PDF – have their own file formats (Epub, Djvu, Mobi, Lit, etc.), the digital comics come with your own: CBR, CBZ and to a lesser extent, CBT, CB7 and CBA.

Although, perhaps, it would be more correct to speak of ‘file extensions’, and not of formats, since the three types correspond with formats widely used for packaging and/or compression of files: the CBR are nothing more than files RAR; the CBZ, ZIP; the CBT, TAR; the CB7, 7z; and the CBA, ACE.

Its particularity is that, if you choose to open it with WinRAR or some similar program, just find them image files numbered (pag1.jpg, pag2.jpg, etc, for example) to allow read-ordered pages on the viewers specific for digital comics.

What other programs can open the digital comics?

CDisplay Ex: CDisplay Ex esrobablemente the most popular display of digital comics to Windows. Account with a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to facilitate the reading, and it is even compatible with devices like Leap Motion. He is also using a technology of re-engineering that ensures a smooth rendering of the pages. Has a mode ‘sleeve’that lets you view japanese comics from back to front.

Cdisplay Ex CDisplay Ex in action, with display of double-page and viewer thumbails to the left of the screen.

MComix: MComix is a viewer for comic books open source very similar to the previous one, and the best option for those that you may be users of Linux systems (although it is also available for Windows). Noted for its customizable interface and its support for markers.

ComicRack: Although the famous software organization and display of ebooks Calibre it is also compatible with these comics, you may want to manage separately both collections. There is where it enters ComicRacka versatile program that allows you to open multiple comics in their respective tabs, fill in the tab data of each one of them and make a follow-up of our reading progress. Working in conjunction with the mobile app of the same name, will also allow us to to synchronize the collection of comics on our PC and our smartphone.

Comicrack ComicRack in action.

STDUViewer: If you don’t want to install a viewer for each document class that you fly, and you want to a free software and lightweight that allows you to view both PDFs as ebooks and digital comics, STDUViewer it will be your favorite choice. Another option that is quite similar is Sumatra PDF.

Where can you download digital comics?

Comixology:Comixology it is a store of digital comics purchased by Amazon a few years ago, in it we can find the editions in the united states (that is to say, almost always in English) of the major publishers in the industry (Marvel, DC, Image), in addition to small independent publishers. Account with a section of comics free, and another of ‘bundles’ (packs on offer).

ReadDC.com: The editorial DC (Superman, Batman, Watchmen…) has their own online storealso with your edits americans, with a section of comics free.

Marvel Digital Comics: The same thing happens with the publisher Marvel (Avengers, Spiderman, X-Men, Duck Howard etc.) and its section of comics free.

PanelSyndicate: PanelSyndicate it is a platform that allows authors of digital comics (digital source, not digitized after the fact) to sell your work… by the will. Actually, you can pay 0 € for them if you feel like it (stretch a poquillo, anda). All the comics offered are, at least, in English and in Spanish.

Cimoc: Spanish publisher Norma also has an online store specific for digital comics, although with a catalog reduced… even houses, yes, almost a dozen free comics.

ComicBookPlus: ComicBookPlus it is a huge repository of comics scanned published before the decade of the 60, which according to us law puts them in the public domain, so that access to them is free. Account with a section of comics in Spanish. Another very similar and equally recommended is the Digital Comic Museum.

More: On the occasion of the current quarantined by a coronavirus, the Cultural Association Tebeosfera has developed a comprehensive list of resource download of digital comics.

Main image | Detail from the cover of ‘Marvels #4’, by Alex Ross (Marvel / Disney)

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Everything you need to know to read comics on your PC

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