Evernote for Android is renewed: improved design, more precise search and more

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Table of Contents

Evernote new design

Evernote is one of the most popular note applications for Android users in Spain. Price hikes in its plans over the years have caused others to switch to other alternatives, although it is still a very popular app. In addition, the creators of the application now announce the arrival of a renewed version of it to Android.

This new version of Evernote is official and leaves us with a series of changes to it, such as a new design or a more precise search. The update will start rolling out to Android devices in the coming weeks, at least for Android 10 or higher, the rest will have to wait even longer.

This is the new Evernote

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Evernote’s design has been revamped looking to be more intuitive and easy to use for all. It has opted for a more modern design, which allows us to move easily in the application. Users now have more control over the notes and their appearance thanks to the presence of tools with which to change their font or color.

Searches within the application will be simpler because search engine accuracy has been improved. Now when we write, suggestions will be displayed in real time. Searches will be more precise by being able to filter based on various criteria, such as filtering by tag, by attachment, file format or more. Thanks to this we will have everything under control in the application.

Evernote searches

Evernote also leaves us with a new multifunction button, designed to be able to add audio, photos, attachments, boxes or more to the notes that we create in our account. The toolbar also undergoes an appearance change that will make it easier to access the shortcuts in it.

Evernote for Android is renewed: improved design, more precise search and more 1

In the announcement of this renewed version of the app, its creators also comment that the app has been rebuilt with a new code base. The reason for this is that the platform is will be consistent between Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, with a common design, in addition to making it as stable as possible.

If you have Android 10 or Android 11, in a few weeks you will have the new version of Evernote on your mobile. Users with Android Pie and earlier versions will have to wait a little longer, without specific dates being given for its launch.

The Evernote entry for Android is renewed: improved design, more precise search and more appears first in The Free Android.