Europe wants mobile phones to be easier to repair

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The right to repair will be a fact in Spain after the vote in the European Parliament. This is a movement against planned obsolescence and that will make it mandatory for manufacturers to indicate whether a device, such as a mobile phone, is easy to repair or not. In addition to mobile phones, this would apply to other electronic devices, which will have a similar notice when they are launched on the market.

Knowing if a mobile is easy to repair is something that worries users, since there are models in which it is not easy to carry out some type of repair. With this change, manufacturers will have to indicate a kind of repairability index, so we know how easy or complex it is.

It will be easier to know if a mobile is easy to repair


When buying a mobile many users want to know if it is easy to repair or not, as this may indicate future additional costs in the event of possible problems with said device. With this measure, it is intended that the user will know in advance if said repair will be complex or not. This type of indicators will be mandatory on mobile phones or laptops, among other products.

France becomes the first country where they will make mandatory these stickers indicating the ease of repair. To let the consumer know if it is easy to carry out a repair, a score between 0 and 10 will be used on the stickers. The higher the score, the easier said repair is. So they can even know if they can solve problems on the phone themselves, something that is not possible with all mobiles.

The European Union hopes to meet various objectives with this measure. It is expected to reduce planned obsolescence in devices, in addition to making the purchase process easier or at least transparent for consumers. They will have more information about the devices in advance, in order to better choose the one they want to buy. It also seeks to reduce the generation of waste that causes devices that could be repaired to go to waste.

Europe wants mobile phones to be easier to repair 1

Mobile phones that are easy to repair are becoming more and more important, with examples such as the Fairphone, which has already launched several generations on the market, also in Spain. This decision of the European Union may encourage manufacturers to launch phones that are easier to repair. Only time will tell.

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