EMUI 10.1 is official: these are all new layer of customization Huawei

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EMUI 10.1 is official: these are all new layer of customization Huawei

The good thing layers of personalization is that your mobile -usually – receive news double: the of the new version of Android and the new version of the layer. In EMUI this is evident with the new EMUI 10.1 presented along with the Huawei P40terminals that premiered the new version.

EMUI 10.1 is not a radical change, but rather an added layer of tools and features that are added on the foundation of the last version, as a greater integration between devices and easily to move from one device to another.



MeeTime is one of the new star of EMUI 10.1, and comes to be something like its own version of FaceTime or the Google Duo: it is a application of video calls that boasts of quality in the calls. It will be available also for devices of other brands.

To be a new application, MeeTime comes with functions under the arm that are not so easy to find in the competition, as the possibility of share the screen (with annotations included). In the same vein of other new features of EMUI 10.1, the app connects to other devices in the ecosystem of Huawei as televisions or speakers.

Collaboration cross-platform


EMUI 10 already focused a lot on improving the interconnectivity between devices, and EMUI 10.1 follows the same path. Basically, the various tools like Huawei Share or MeeTime allow you to interact with the phone from the PC and vice versa.

This is not something entirely new, but we understand that EMUI 10.1 makes it easier. It is possible to see the screen of the mobile from the PC easily, as well as open and edit files on your mobile phone, such as photos or videos, directly with programs on the PC. It is also possible to respond to calls from the PC, using the webcam and the microphone of the same.

Huawei Share


Another known name is that of Huawei Share, which lately has grown to be something more than a way to send files from one mobile to another. Huawei Share lets you send photos, videos, and other files from a mobile Huawei to another, to tablets and some devices from third parties. Also you will connect and configuring nearby devices, such as speakers smart or printers.



EMUI 10.1 includes an improved projection technology wireless should assume a more performance-smooth even when the connectivity of the network is not too stable. According to Huawei, the latency is so low that you can use a remote Bluetooth for to have an experience “similar to that of a console”. By now TV support compatible is very low.

Sound Booster


The speakers and headsets to Bluetooth supported can make use of Sound Booster for extend your volume. Similarly, it is possible to use the technology to discussions with earbuds have a more clear sound, even when there is much ambient noise.

Gallery shared


In a kind of Google Pictures, but in local, EMUI 10.1 allows you to view the photo galleries of your other devices connected to the same Wifi network. In addition to being connected to the same Wifi network, all devices need to use the same user account from Huawei. It is possible to do searches for photos that include the results of all the devices.

Assistant Celia


As it could not be otherwise, EMUI 10.1 includes its own wizard that receives the name of Celia. Celia can do what is expected of a wizard these days, from giving information about the time, events, or news to control your phone, make calls, control music playback and a long etcetera.

New topics


EMUI 10 premiered about half a year with a new design philosophy, so that it is still too early for a renewal in the design. What there is are new topics customization inspired by the colors of the Huawei P40.

What’s new in multitasking


Multitasking gets a number of developments, with a panel down on the edge of the mobile applications ready to put in screen mode game. This mode split-screen supports drag-and-drop. In addition, some applications may be displayed as floating windows, for example, to respond to a message quickly while you continue watching a video or playing.

It also adds a new control panel of devices when you slide from one of the corners of the bottom of the cell. Its main utility is to function as a control panel of various devices connected to the same ecosystem (such as connecting to a speaker, turn on a lamp, etc.).

Performance and privacy


EMUI 10.1 also improves the performance of the system or, specifically, of “system latency”. According to Huawei EMUI 10.1 reduces latency of response in a 20.8% and the fluctuation of the latency of 10.5% with respect to EMUI 10.

In terms of security and privacy, Huawei reminds us that in EMUI 10.1 your data and local backups are fully encryptedalso during its transmission and storage, as well as its microkernel has been certified to CC EAL 5+

For the moment Huawei has not released its roadmap on what devices will receive the update to EMUI 10.1 or from when. The only thing that is clear is that the Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro will be responsible in releasing the new version.

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EMUI 10.1 is official: these are all new layer of customization Huawei

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