Dungeon Hunter 5, a game with role story and very addictive

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Table of Contents

It is a popular series from other consoles, but that has had the same success in its version for mobile. Keeps the same structure and gameplay as on other platforms, although obivamente elements found limited by issues of compatibility, as well as the already widely used system of micropayments integrated. It is something expected, since the game is free-to-play.

Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG
Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG

High-quality graphics and a deep story

The visual level that presents the game comes to impress enough, with a texture very defined and characters are well detailed in terms of its customization. In addition, the environments are quite varied and rich in the inclusion of elements, as well as a reproduction of effects in the movements quite remarkable. The theme of the soundtrack it provides for a separate article, because the sound quality is splendid and the songs are very epic.

The game has more game modes under its belt, but first of all we only have access to the main story. In it, all that happens is cohesive, there are plot twists and nothing follows a plot linear. In addition, you have dialogues to learn more about the characters that will accompany you in the history, as well as to know what is happening at each moment. In short, the aim is to overcome levels and eliminate all the enemies that exist, but each death of a villain will have a when and a why in the story.

Create a character of your way in Dungeon Hunter 5

It is true that you have a fighter that is already defined, but you’re going to mould to your way while you get to unlock more powers and weapons to fight. It is possible to have more of a weapon, which can be changed during the game with a simple button, as well as choose the magical powers that you want to use in the levels.

dungeon hunter 5 character

Account with up to 900 weapons and pieces of armor, as well as different spells that your character can go by using. This can be used in a system of fight own of a hack and slash, whose objective is the attainment of combos that allow it to gain more money for that chain of movements. In this game you only get if you combine weapon attacks along with spells, in addition to other skills such as dodge.

Multiplayer is varied and fun

Stands out for the considerable range of options to play different games in the online mode. Features three game modes are fairly classical, taking into account the gender of this title, with a mode of Pvp, the other Pve and a last one called ‘Arena Mode’. What is certain is that in these modalities you don’t have access to from level 6 onwards.

dungeon hunter 5 game modes

But is that the best comes in the co-op. You can share quests or overcome the entire story together with a friend and can collect up to 3 of them, even to play in competitive matches against other players. On the other hand, it is possible to use the wrestlers of your friends in the story modeby enrolling them as allies to overcome the levels, in the style of Dark Souls when they could invoke ghosts of friends.