Door to door service and take-out food: what’s new in Google Maps

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Table of Contents

Door to door service and take-out food: what's new in Google Maps 1

One of the worst effects of the quarantine imposed as a result of the COVID-19 is the closure of many restaurants as they are not permitted the assistance of customers. Some have been adapted to try to survive using the home delivery and take-out food, seeking to circumvent the period of confinement until you can be open regularly again.

Google not only uses Google Maps to study the compliance of the quarantine. The company has decided to lay a hand highlighting within the main interface of Google Maps, two search buttons that allow us to locate the restaurants with service address or takeaway in our area.

Bringing the restaurant home with Google Maps

Google Maps stands out, restaurants delivery service and take-away food

Since some time ago, Google has search suggestions in Google Maps under the search bar. The novelty is that since some days ago the company has promoted two in particular: To carry and Home.

If you click on it will do a search of the restaurants that have one of those services in particular, and once the be located we will be able to enter in the tab to call by phone or make an order online, depending on what their owners have chosen in the tab of your business.

Door to door service and take-out food: what's new in Google Maps

In spite of that, we will continue with the dilemma of whether it is better to encourage the economy by hiring this type of services or whether, on the contrary, we should minimize the contact we can have with dealers that we bring external elements to the house.

In fact, in the application itself there is now a direct access to the information on the CoVID-19 that can be found in the Google search engine.

The entrance door to door Service and take-out food: what’s new in Google Maps appears first in Android Free.