DNI on mobile: Spain prepares the way with a new app

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For a few months, millions of drivers in Spain have been able to carry their driving license on their mobile phone thanks to the DGT app. This was something desired by many and it finally came true. Something that has also been expected for a long time is power carry your ID on your mobile. It seems that this is also going to happen, although we will have to wait a while.

The National Police of Spain has revealed the first details for your new project Identidad Digital DNIe. In this project about 6.5 million euros will be dedicated to the development of DNI 4.0, which will have the possibility of having this document on your mobile thanks to its own app for it.

The DNI will reach our mobiles

DNI on mobile: Spain prepares the way with a new app 1

The National Police thus confirms the development of the DNIe application on the mobile, about which they have not given many details for now. The objective of this application is that the process of creating a DNI is much faster, in addition to being able to always carry it with us, by having it on our smartphone.

Among the new measures that have been announced to make this process faster is the power pay the 12 euro fee by card, as well as being able to take the photo in the office itself, avoiding having to take it from home. Digitization is another important aspect, which will play a key role in this process of obtaining a new document.

With the next DNI 4.0, some improvements will also be introduced, some of them in the document itself. This document will have a microchip that has ARM Cortex M architecture. In addition, it will comply with the LDS2 passport standard. Upgrade to 3.0, which finally incorporated NFC technology.

No dates at the moment for the arrival of this renewed DNI, which we can carry on our own mobile as well, nothing is known about that application for it. Surely when the development process is more advanced, more precise dates will be given about its arrival.

The DNI entry on the mobile: Spain prepares the way with a new app appears first in El Androide Libre.