Disney + now lets you watch movies with your friends in Spain

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Several weeks ago it was confirmed that Disney + introduced a new feature with which you can watch their series and movies with your friends, called group sessions. A function that is now officially entering Spain. Thanks to it, users who use the streaming platform will be able to enjoy these contents with their friends.

GroupWatch is the original name of this function with which you can watch content on Disney + with friends and family. Thus, without having to all be in the same place, you can watch a movie or a series at the same time. From today it is possible to use this function in Spain.

Watch group movies on Disney +

Disney + group sessions

Up to seven people will be able to enter in a group viewing session on Disney +. This function makes use of a system that synchronizes the playback between all devices, thus avoiding any delay between devices, so everyone will see the same thing at the same time.

In addition, this new feature has a social component, being able to send reactions in the form of emojis, in the absence of chat, which may be introduced in the future. These options can be accessed from any device compatible with the platform.

When you enter the profile of a series or movie, you can see the GroupWatch icon there. By clicking on this icon you can send the link to access this content to other people, to then start the joint reproduction of it. All participants in this group session will be able to stop the playback whenever they want. They will also be able to advance or go back in it, in case they want to see a part again.

Disney + groupwatch share link

As of today, this function is available on Disney + in Spain, in all versions of the streaming service. The launch of this feature today is not something accidental, as the new season of The Mandalorian is going to premiere soon. This series is one of the greatest successes that the platform is currently having, so it is presented as the ideal option to watch in a group, regardless of the distance between people.

Disney + now lets you watch movies with your friends in Spain 1


The Disney + ticket already allows you to watch movies with your friends in Spain, it appears first in El Androide Libre.