Discover would come to Samsung phones with One UI 3.1

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Galaxy S21

Android mobile manufacturers have always had a difficult task of differentiating themselves since many use the same hardware components and all use the same software. Well, they use the same base.

Each brand tries to personalize Android with elements, among which is the gap in the left area of ​​the desks where Google Discover is, a very popular personalized news tool in Spain.

Brands like Vivo, Asus or OnePlus leave it active while others like Xiaomi or Samsung change it for their own.

Samsung could activate Discover in the Samsung Galaxy S21

On January 14, Samsung will present the new Samsung Galaxy S21, which have already been leaked in both renders and videos. And it was one of those videos that has shown how if we navigate through the interface we will have access to Discover.

It seems that, at least in that unit, Samsung has decided to deactivate Bixby Home, the company’s assistant interface that we find so useless.

It has not been confirmed that this movement will be official but everything indicates that it will be since brands like OnePlus have backtracked in their attempt to personalize this, we do not know if due to pressure from Google or a desire to please their users, but it seems like a success.

Samsung could leave Discover as standard or allow some interface setting to be changed, something similar to what it does with the power button control and Bixby.

This would be one of the minor changes that would come to One UI 3.1, the interface that Samsung would present with the Galaxy S21, a minor modification of One UI 3.

The Discover entry would come to Samsung mobiles with One UI 3.1 appears first in The Free Android.