Discover everything about the first round the world with the Google art app

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Table of Contents

Google Arts & Culture continues to launch functions in Spain. Yesterday the new exhibition was made official at the Museum of National History in London, which the app allows us to see in the living room. Today they take us on a trip, since their new function allows us to discover everything about the first round the world.

Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain and the National Commission for the Commemoration of the V Centenary of the first round the world. Together they leave us with this project with which we can discover everything about the world tour of Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebasti√°n Elcano.

Google takes you back to the world

Google Arts & Culture around the world

The first round the world is the name of this project that we can discover in Google Arts & Culture. Within it we will be able know the details of the expedition of Magellan and Elcano, dive among historical maps and documents, travel its route or take a virtual ride on the replica of the only ship that returned from this expedition to Spain.

This project in the Google app is divided into a series of chapters where everything related to this expedition is explained, both before and after. From the preparation of the trip, the challenges and problems they faced during it, as well as their discoveries and the consequences and impact of this first trip around the world.

The Expedition chapter includes the details of the trip, as the historical context or the protagonists of it. In the Exploration chapter we have a series of historical maps, navigational instruments, flora and fauna that were found along the way. While the Transformation chapter talks about the consequences of that trip, which showed that the Earth is round and the oceans are made up of a single interconnected body of water.

Google Arts & Culture the first round the world

The first travel around the world is now available on Google Arts & Culture, both in its web version and in the application for Android and iOS. You will only have to search for The first round the world inside the app to enjoy all its contents.

Discover everything about the first round the world with the Google art app 1


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