Discord, the chat app focused on the gaming world

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Table of Contents

It is increasingly used for this purpose, as in computers, to communicate while gaming. Among Us, Fortnite, Brawl Stars… All games that have online multiplayer are suitable for this platform.

Discord - Talk, chat and hang out
Discord - Talk, chat and hang out

Discord, the rival of Skype

Despite the fact that Skype had a very flat ground in the field of internet communication, but it has always sinned of being a heavy program and that required many resources to carry out its operation. This does not happen on Discord, with a lighter interface and much more functional, which has background operations to allow for comfortable playability.

discord chats

Discord is a free communication app that focuses on the players: protection against attacks, low latency, little use of resources, and a multitude of customization options. We can create all the chat rooms we want and add people to them, in addition to being able to have private conversations with users outside the channels.

discord settings

In addition, it allows merge voice and text chats very quickly, as well as browsing different channels or servers. One aspect that denotes the functionality of the app are the gestures that we can perform to navigate through the different parts of the interface. For example, if we are in the main menu, we can jump from one chat to another with a simple swipe to the right or left, making it intuitive and speeding up the process.

Play with voice chat from the terminal

Discord gives the possibility of creating servers as if it were a game. The objective is that these servers serve to bring together a certain number of users for the same task, which is usually to play a specific video game together. For this, it offers two possibilities, either creating your own server to add to contacts or generate an invitation code, or join one already created with the same code.

discord interface

In addition, it has other functions such as access broadcasts of our friends’ games or get together and enjoy a drawing session by sharing the screen, for example. If the server group is very large, you have the ability to apply moderation tools and establish different levels of permissions within the group as well as appoint moderator members.

discord overlay

To get the most out of the app and use it in the background while we are in other apps, it is necessary to enable the function Overlay. This tool allows you to create a floating widget that shows who is speaking at the moment and some shortcuts to use. Similarly, another interesting feature is noise suppression, which isolates outside noise from the call.