Digg, add news and customize the cover sheet from your app

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Table of Contents

Since the end of February there was already an app in beta for everyone who would like to test an early version of the same. However, it is already available the final version, with the same operation but with some differential aspects with respect to the site. We’re going to know all the details.

Reddit - official mobile App
Reddit - official mobile App

Custom functions

Retains the essence of the operation of the website, that is to say, to send news to users of the community, comment on them, giving our opinions, etc, Basically what we do in the web version, but in a much more accessible. There is also a place for send a private message readers of the platform and a section to view all the notifications on mentions general or among friends.

meneame app front cover

In addition, the main novelty is that we will be able to customize our front page news. This new option will be visible in “Start”, which will pick up all the news from the categories that we have chosen. To choose among them, we turn to the second paragraph of “Subs”, an icon with 4 little squares, and that is where we will add the communities that we want more to follow. It is an important novelty, since one of the problems the web was not able to filter the news according to our preferences.

Access to interviews

Through the app, we’re going to have the possibility of access to the various interviews that the platform right, it’s almost always about the present that concerns us, although from several points of view, such as politics, science, the economy, from journalism, etc, those characters of today will be asked questions, which may be made by the ‘meneantes’. To do this, follow the community ‘Ask me’ where you can see all of these digital meetings.

meneame app customize

Also maintaining the system of ‘Karma’, the algorithm to assign a score for the participation of each user on the platform, as well as interactions with other users. This will have an impact on your reputation, that if it increases, your news will be more likely to appear on the front page of the forum, as well as a greater confidence on the part of the rest of the users. Yes, we found several failures, especially at the time of use the search enginethat leads to the arrest of the app.