Day by Daylight, a free-to-play of action and terror

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Table of Contents

At some point, you’ve raised do you feel the protagonist of a horror film that is continually in danger. Maybe the opposite: what will be thinking of the killer as he hunts his victims. Dead by Daylight you can get in the skin of both, and in addition, without paying a single euro. You can find it in Google Play and is compatible with any phone with Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.

The weight of this game is only 58 MB when I download from the store of Google applications, but it requires an additional file of 2 GB and subsequently an internal discharge of 1.6 GB. Therefore, the total weight ends up being almost 4 GBso you see that freeing up memory on your phone if you have it almost full. This is justified with the graphic quality that has the Dead By Daylight, since that is one of the best games in this sense that we have in Android.

First, we are asked to log in to the game, but the advantage is that we can use any social network like Google or Facebook to do so. We will also have to add a user name, because Dead by Deadlight is a multiplayer, not just on Android but on any platform. This is done, the tutorial will start. You can skip, but only by complete we will receive rewardsnot to speak of how necessary it is for new players, it will teach us to play the two sides available: survivors and killers.

The tutorial is very simple and we will have it resolved in a few minutes, so that it will soon begin the fun.

Playing Dead by Deadlight in Android: tension, lot of tension

The gameplay of Dead By Deadlight is divided into two parts: that of the survivors and the killer. We will be able to play any of the two waysbut this forces us to separate the explanation into two small sections.

Play as a survivor

The first game mode is a survivor. You find yourself in a kind of farm in which you’re chasing a murderer. Luckily, you are not alone and you’re joined by three other survivors, who are players like yourself, nothing of bots. Your mission is to arrange a series of generators placed on the map to open the exit door and flee. Not everything is as straightforward as it may seem, since the killer will be in continuous movement around the map. The controls are easy to mastersince we have two joysticks to virtual, one to the left to move and another to the right for the camera. In addition to them, there is a button to permanently agacharnos and the actions we will make with a pop-up button that appears on the screen.

characters survivors of the Dead by Deadlight

At the moment we find a generator, the goal is to fix it, for which we will have to press a button at the right time or the repair will fail and we will have to try again. In case you get to fix the four generators on the map, we will be able to activate the switch of the output and so win the game.

Now, all this is the ideal case, but we cannot forget that we are being persecuted. If the killer sees us, we will try to hit to harm us, what will make us slower and easier to locate. If we are hit a second time, you will be able cogernos and colgarnos of a hook. We can escape alone, yes, but it is almost impossible and the best will be to wait for another survivor to rescue us.

rescue the Dead by Daylight

In case you have received a lot of damage, we will be able to heal another playerlike us to him or her. There are areas in which we may hide to avoid being seen, or pull objects so that we are not caught, but the killer also has its tricks.

Play as a killer

Unlike A game such as survivor, the killer plays in the first person. The controls are identical, with the two joysticks virtual movement and camera, and a button fixed. In this case, the button fixed is to hit, not to crouch. It will also serve to breaking barriers we have left the survivors as they try to flee.

characters assassins Dead by Daylight

This character can see at all times where are the generators, and you will receive a signal if a survivor fails when you try to fix any. It is also able to see a trail of red lines on the floor where a survivor has passed without being crouched.

Their goal, to be the murderer, is that no survivor succeeds to escape with their lives. To do this, depending on the character killer that we have, there will be special abilitieslike bear traps. If there is a generator running, we will be able to break it to thwart the escape plan. Since when playing as a killer we compete with four other players, can we escape but we end up capturing the rest, and win.


Dead By Daylight is a great game that will keep us tight while we play as survivors, and take the leap into action as killers. It has virtually everything. To be free, we have shopping within the app to unlock new characters, but you can enjoy it without spending anything and unlocking new features the game.