Dark mode in Google Maps: How to activate it on Android

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Google Maps - Navigation and public transport
Google Maps - Navigation and public transport

A dark mode that was designed long ago

It is a function that does not come as the result of a prodigious invention by the developers, but that they are already cooking in advance. Actually, for some time Google Maps has a dark mode, although it configures it autonomously. It is intended to be used at night, to prevent the abundant white of the map blind us or is annoying; if you use Maps in the car, or just want to check an address while you are walking, it is very useful.

The problem is that until now, Google did not allow us to activate it. It was the application itself that decided whether to use the dark mode or not automatic way, depending on what time it was or if we were with the car in a place with very little light, such as the crossing through a tunnel. It facilitates vision at that time, but with a certain degree of clarity it returns to natural white.

google maps navigation settings

This feature is accompanied by changes to organizational level in the browser settings. For starters, the configuration section has been completely revamped; In most cases, it is about moving things around, to places that are more logical or better accessible. Here we will find all the options that can affect the experience while browsing, with a new interface; for example, we can define the volume of indications, in case it is difficult for us to listen to them while we are driving.

This is where we will find all sound related options, such as choosing the Bluetooth connection to reproduce the indications or deciding if we want them to continue ringing even during a call. Below we will find the options that allow us to define our route; how to avoid tolls or choose alternative routes that do not take us on highways.

How to activate the dark mode of Google Maps

Google Maps dark mode has been in development for a long time. In 2019, the Big G implemented a feature to use dark mode on the driving directions screen. Later, the Mountain View company began testing the dark theme throughout the application, but only for a closed group of users. What is even better is the possibility to choose if we want to “darken” Maps permanently or only when that dark theme is activated throughout the device.

  • First, open Google Maps, press your profile photo located in the upper right corner and click on the Settings option. This profile picture appears at the top right, just to the right of the search bar on the »Explore» tab.

Dark mode in Google Maps: How to activate it on Android 1

  • Once you enter the »Settings» screen, you have to click on the option »Topic” that will appear under »Wi-Fi only». Then, select the Theme option from the list of available settings.
  • Three options will be displayed. Select ” Always dark theme ” or ” Always light theme ” or even ” Same as device theme ”. If you choose the second option, you will have the default dark theme whenever you use the Google Maps app; if you opt for the latter, it will alternate between the light and dark theme depending on the system theme. In any case, you will see how the new dark theme of Google Maps tints its entire interface in gray tones, including the maps.
  • Click the »Save» button to apply the changes.

activate dark mode google maps

By following these simple steps, the dark theme of Google Maps will be activated on your Android mobile and you will be able to benefit from its advantages. Battery saving is one of the most important, since the dark mode reduces the light that the panel has to emit, so that the energy consumption is lower. This is especially significant on OLED displays. But this is not all. Another benefit of dark mode is that protect your eyes and avoid straining your eyes when looking at your smartphone.