Dark mode begins to show in the latest Facebook beta

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Dark mode begins to show in the latest Facebook beta 1

In the midst of its possible departure from Spain and Europe, Facebook continues to work on improvements for its Android application. The social network has long been expected let’s finally introduce dark mode in your application. In its Lite version it has already been present for months, but there is still no data on its arrival in the normal version of it.

Although it seems that its launch is already closer to being reality. In one of the beta versions of Facebook for Android This dark mode has finally been seen in the application. So it seems that the plans are going ahead and that soon it will come for everyone.

Dark mode hits the Facebook beta

Facebook dark mode

In June Facebook announced the first tests with dark mode in Android app. These tests were carried out with a small group of users, but it seems that little by little it is expanding. Since there are users who are beginning to see said dark mode in the application when installing the beta version v on their phones. When installing it, they have found the dark mode activated by default.

The social network will allow activate or deactivate this mode manually. Since in the side menu, when displaying the Settings and privacy option in the application, you can see that there is already a new option that is said Dark Mode. When using this mode, you can see that the interface in the social network turns a dark gray color. So it is not a mode designed to save battery life, but rather is aimed at reducing the impact on the eyes.

It is expected that more users in this beta of the social network will have access to said dark mode. Unfortunately, Facebook’s beta program is currently full, so no one new will be able to enjoy this function in the application on Android. We will have to wait for it to be launched in a stable way, something that for the moment still does not have an official date.

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