Customize your Samsung to the fullest: Good Lock officially arrives in Spain

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Samsung Good Lock

Good Lock is the Samsung application with which to personalize the phone, which was updated last week with new features. Until now, it could only be downloaded in Spain through an APK, but this changes now, because the firm finally launches this application in Spain officially. It is made available to users in the Samsung Store.

It is now possible to download Good Lock in Spain, which also comes with the application modules, like Wonderland and others, of which we have spoken to you previously. With this launch, Samsung takes its personalization application to more countries, because it is being rolled out in Europe already.

Samsung brings Good Lock to Spain

Customize your Samsung to the fullest: Good Lock officially arrives in Spain 1

Good Lock is an application that gives us a huge selection of customization features, through a series of modules that we can install on the phone (Wonderland, Pentastic, Theme Park …). Thanks to these modules, users will be able to customize various aspects of their Samsung Galaxy phone, from the wallpaper, to the theme or functions of the S Pen. So it allows you to significantly change the appearance of your smartphone.

Although Good Lock has already been launched in the Samsung Store in Spain, allowing you to download it to your phone, it doesn’t work yet. The application cannot connect to the servers yet. But if you download the modules independently, you will be able to run them without any problem on your phone, to customize the aspects you want in them. We find a series of modules available, which we can already download in Spain also officially. The complete list of modules, which you can start using now, are:

  • Wonderland.
  • Pentastic.
  • Theme Park.
  • Edge Lighting +.
  • Sound Assistant.

The Good Lock launch is taking place across Europe. In addition to Spain, it is made available to users in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, among others. A week ago it was confirmed that the new modules would arrive on October 7, so it may be tomorrow when we can use this new Samsung app and its modules without any problem throughout Europe.

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