Customize your Samsung Galaxy with Home Up, a new app for the interface of the mobile

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The set of applications customization Good Lock it has received a new member, this time to customize the interface of the Samsung Galaxy: Home Up. Do you want the look of your phone suits your tastes and needs? With Home Up you can modify the folders and also the desktop. It is even suitable for creating backups.

The Samsung Galaxy are mobile phones which do not come exactly lacking in applications, as is well known by its holders: One UIthe layer of the manufacturer, provides a variety of services, functions and apps. Now, Samsung makes available some of its users a set of software suitable for you to customize the background of the phone: Good Lock. These applications, which may not be discharged beyond Korea, the united States or Canada, you will be adding members to often, as it has happened now: Home Up is the name of the new application. It is highly recommended because with it you can give new airs to the interface.

Modifies the look of the Samsung Galaxy with Home Up

Home Up

For the moment there is an application loaded with functions, but that lays the groundwork for that to evolve favorably under update. And is that with Home Up Samsung gives more freedom to the users to modify key aspects of the interface, such as the desktop or folders. Some of the options brings One UI by default, but others are a extra customization which is always appreciated.

With Home Up you can do the following:

  • Home screen. The app offers various options to customize the interface. Of time can be changed grid of desktops and also the app drawer (4×4 to 7×7). In addition, Home Up allows the loop of the desktops (return to the first when you pass the last one) And hide the names of the apps.
Home Up to 3
  • Folder. Here are the customization options for the folders. You can adjust the grid (from 3×3 to 7×7), adjust the background color, its transparency and up to the rounding of the corners.
  • Back up and restore. Home Up the backup so as not to lose the settings. The application can save backups with daily frequency, and time, also to restore the backups run with a keystroke.
Home Up 4

Home Up not to include too many functions, at least for the moment, but we’re sure that Samsung keeps updating the new application until evolucionarla to the same extent that his sisters Good Lock. Yes, you can not use it directly, because it requires a process; apart from that you must have a Samsung Galaxy, as is obvious. And does not work correctly in all mobileyou must take this into account.

To use this and other applications of Good Lock have to do the following:

  • Download Nice Lock: it is a launcher of apps Good Lock for users who do not have access to the original of Samsung.
  • Download APK Home UP and install it.
  • Once installed Home Up, opens Nice Lock: you will see that it is there installed. Tap the app.
  • Once you have opened the Home Up you can configure the desktop to your liking.
Home Up Launcher Nice Lock

Nice Lock it is suitable for the new application of Samsung and for the rest of the ‘suite’ of customization. Directly from the app you can find the rest of files. And, once installed, Nice Lock serves you as a launcher. The amount of possibilities are huge.

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Customize your Samsung Galaxy with Home Up, a new app for the interface of the mobile

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Customize your Samsung Galaxy with Home Up, a new app for the interface of the mobile 1

Customize your Samsung Galaxy with Home Up, a new app for the interface of the mobile 2