Create spectacular drawings, sketches and watercolors on your mobile: this is Tayasui Sketches

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Thousands of people in Spain enjoy paint or draw in your spare time or for many as a career. Ideas for new drawings or paintings are something that can come at the most unexpected moment, like when you don’t have your tools to sketch or draw directly. Your Android mobile can be a good help, especially with an app like Tayasui Sketches.

This application may sound like some of you, since last year it was voted one of the best 43 applications of the year by Google. Tayasui Sketches you allows you to make sketches, drawings or even watercolors on your Android mobile at any time. A good way to put your creativity into practice.

Create drawings, sketches or watercolors on your Android mobile

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches interface is easy to use. When you open the application on your phone, you already find the page where you can make that sketch, drawing or watercolor. At the bottom of the screen you will find the types of brushes to use, by clicking on the + button you can then choose the type of brush to use, with a wide selection available. The effect on the screen will be the same as we have when we use those brushes in real life.

Once the brush has been chosen, on the lower left side we find the choice of color we want to use. With these two elements we can begin to create the sketch or drawing with total normality. Whenever we want to change that color or the type of brush, we have to repeat the process we have done. We can add colors to our creation in this way.

Tayasui Sketches interface

In the layer section we can choose the type of surface on which to paint, being able to choose between different textures for the desired result. There are some layers that are paid, but many of them are free, although when adding additional layers we will have to pay. As we make changes to the drawing, we can keep saving the same, by clicking on the icon of the four squares in the upper right. The drawings that we save can be shared in other apps, or downloaded to save them in the phone gallery.

Tayasui Sketches features

Tayasui Sketches is a good app in which create a sketch or drawing, but also to experiment with ideas before putting them into practice on paper or in oil. So it is a good Android app to consider to bring out your most artistic side.

How to download Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is an application that we can download for free on our mobile, available in the Play Store. Inside the application there are purchases, to have access to more brushes, layers and functions to customize your drawings or make more complex drawings. There are items that may be worth paying for, but if you’re primarily looking to make quick sketches, the free version will suffice.

Create spectacular drawings, sketches and watercolors on your mobile: this is Tayasui Sketches 1

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