Create and participate in podcasts live from your mobile with Stereo

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Table of Contents

Podcasts are increasingly popular among users in Spain. We find various applications on Android that allow you to listen or download podcasts directly on your phone. Although there are users who do not just want to listen to a podcast, but who want to create their own. Stereo is an application that makes it possible, in an interesting way too.

Stereo lets you create live podcasts, so you can talk about various topics. Being live, the application seeks that people listening to that conversation will also have the possibility of participating in it in an active way. An app that breaks with the traditional podcast concept.

Live podcasts with Stereo

Stereo create profile

What makes Stereo different is that their conversations are all live. The people who are listening to said podcast or conversation at that moment are listening to something that happens live. You are allowed to send messages or audio messages to said conversation or even queue up to be a guest in that conversation, if you think you have something to say that you want others to hear. To switch between one podcast and another you will only have to swipe.

When you create a profile in the application you will be matched with other users, which are considered to be compatible. The system used by the app makes it possible to identify potentially the best conversation partners. A system is also used so that those announcers who stand out can quickly have a wider audience and thus rise in the ranking of the app.

Stereo podcasts

The selection of conversations within the application is wide. They talk about all kinds of topics, with conversations in different languages, so you can find a podcast that is more fun, another with discussion topics … This means that there is always something for each type of user within Stereo. In addition, the possibility of participating in these conversations is given at all times, in case you want to contribute something.

Stereo settings and languages

At the interface level it is not too complicated, although it is noted that it still lacks some tools, for some users it is somewhat incomplete, but it is something that can be improved in future updates of the application.

How to download it on Android

Stereo is available for free on the Play Store. Inside the app there are no purchases or advertisements of any kind.

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