COVID-19 Radar App Failures: Google Investigates It

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COVID-19 Radar App Failures: Google Investigates It 1

The coronavirus and COVID-19 are still the order of the day, unfortunately. In many countries on the planet, including Spain, the population has different applications to track the virus and now Google confirms that they are working on solving a problem that affects the notifications of these apps.

In Spain, this application is Radar COVID, and both on Android and iOS Apple and Google have collaborated to develop the tracking API that allows these applications to function and notify users that they are exposed to others affected by the virus. Now, as confirmed by The Verge, there is an error that affects this system in Android and would prevent the tracking applications from working correctly.

Error in the notification system of the COVID tracking applications

COVID-19 Radar App Failures: Google Investigates It 2

Official Google sources have confirmed to The Verge that this problem exists and that they have not yet been able to identify it, but they are working on it.

Google engineers are investigating the bug that would affect all applications worldwide that use the Android Exposure Notifications System.

COVID-19 Radar App Failures: Google Investigates It 3

At the moment, failures have been confirmed between users of the NHS COVID-19 application in England and Wales, and the CoronaMelder app, the equivalent of our COVID Radar in the Netherlands. Applications show “loading” notifications, but don’t go beyond that. The application fails when trying to load in the background and therefore would not fulfill the function for which they were developed.

“We are aware of an issue affecting Android applications developed with the Android exposure notification system. Our engineers are investigating the problem.

At the moment there are no reports that it affects the one used in Spain, Radar COVID, but Google reports that these errors could be extended to all applications. They continue to work on fixing the bugs as soon as possible.

The entry Failures in the applications of Radar COVID-19: Google investigates it appears first in The Free Android.