cook recipes with the ingredients that you are

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Table of Contents

Is an app with a concept that has revolutionized the world of home cooking, since it is able to provide recipes rich and healthy, without the need of use too many ingredients. This is the main obstacle to prepare food of this level, but thanks to this app now the excuse of not eating healthy has already been completed. In addition, the idea is to Spanish, what better life to take care of our diet.

Nooddle - Eat healthy, with what you have on hand
Nooddle - Eat healthy, with what you have on hand

A questionnaire to know our level in the kitchen

Once you install it from the Play Store, you will enter the interface immediately. Yes, it is advisable to go to the section “Profile” to login by any means, we want more. This will help us, apart from access to more options, to carry out a questionnaire with which app we can know a little better.

app nooddle questionnaire

Especially to know our goal of food, if we eat a balanced diet or not to throw away so much food, as well as if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. He is also interested in aspects of health, as the types of intolerance that we haveif we have any, and warns that we may enquire of the recipes to our doctor, as they are merely indicative in spite of being developed by the experts.

app nooddle questionnaire intolerances

Is more, we can add a list of ingredients that we don’t like or just do not we can or look, so designing a set of recommendations related to our tastes, or recipes in which you can do without that ingredient. Even details such as our level of independence, if we live with parents, in couple, or share floor. Obviously these are issues that we can jump, but come well to create a more detailed profile.

The food recipes, with all luxury of details

Already surpassed that questionnaire, since we can access all the options offered by the app. In the main screen will show recommendations that are tailored to the tastes that we have filled in above, new recipes that are emerging between the community or that are prepared in less than 20 minutes. In the same way, offers tricks in the kitchen as the save water , how to know if an ingredient is in a good state for cooking or tips for taking care of our food.

app nooddle categories

But if you want to search a particular product, we have a section that divides all the dishes by categories according to the food. In addition, we find recipes in which the main product is rice, in others it is meat, stews and even smoothies. If you come to friends house no problem, there are also recipes for servings of food more abundant, or if we increase our muscle mass, there is no other to visit the category ‘Fitness’.

prepare recipes

As to the recipes, find everything that you would expect, as are the ingredients, the procedure to cook this dish. Even some tricks to replace some food that we need. A detail eye-catching is that when you set up the portions that we’re going to prepare, the amount of ingredients will adjust automatically for just the right amount. The community plays an important rolethat shows their views or poses a variety of problems that the app solves quickly.